Pairing sight and sound is a necessary component to success in today's music industry. Album covers, tiny icons, press photos and profile pics all tell a story about a band before the listener ever clicks "play." However, it can be a true challenge for a musician to accurately represent his or her own sound through visual media. At times even those most capable of visualizing their sonic identity don't prefer to spend their time that way. This is where I come in.   

My goal as a stylist is to help musicians visualize their sound with unique appeal and genuine confidence.

I work with artists to activate the senses of their listeners visually to create a unified presence for the stage and online that will bolster professionalism and extend the reach of their audience. In other words,

I help you look as good as you sound.

I'll make your audience see your music before they can hear it.  With no intention of applying my personal aesthetic to your project, I work with musicians in any genre or visual style to make a bold, un-ignorable statement.  In collaboration with you and your band, I create visual companions to your work that make you feel confident you're representing yourself outside the way you as a performer truly feel inside. 




Q: What is a Synesthete?

A: Ever hear a color? Ever see a sound? The synesthete is one who experiences synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which the stimulation of one sense involuntarily triggers a response in another.  As a musician with a background in textile arts, I experience the sensory world in a very integrated way, and I love sharing that vision with artists I believe in to help them grow their careers. 

Q: How did you become a stylist?

A: I was born with a musician's heart and an artist's hands. In 2005, I graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art with a bachelor's degree in Fiber. Much of my time at MICA was devoted to performance art, and my senior thesis work would be the unofficial beginning of my music career. There, I recorded a 4-song EP and produced, directed, edited, and created costumes for two music videos from that album. After graduation, I went on my first solo tour, and in 2008 formed the band Pearl and the Beard in Brooklyn, NY with Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles. During my first five years in the band, I also worked as a professional production knitter and crocheter (yes, that's a real job), producing high-end garments for couture designer Lars Andersson, assisting on photo shoots for the world's largest yarn company in conjunction with Martha Stewart Crafts, and creating custom fiber sculptures and wearables.

Simultaneously, I was art directing and executing the artwork and design for PATB's albums, show posters, web visuals, and tee shirt designs, while touring extensively across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Seeing hundreds of bands perform while on the road allowed me to deeply reflect on what career elements have been successful for other musicians. It was clear to me that a common thread of success has been a strong visual identity that represents sound accurately. Since then I've begun Synesthete Styling as a means to help my fellow musicians bring that same attention to their own projects.

By combining my arts background, my strong visual and sonic senses, my love of supporting good music, and my experience on stage and behind the camera, my work as a stylist offers a unique perspective to any artist who's ready to take their band to the next level of professionalism. 

Q: What are your rates?

A: My fee is based on a project-to-project assessment based on the artist's budget, which will include my time, labor costs, reimbursement for supplies (if any) and travel expenses. Don't hesitate to ask any questions at all.

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